at Die Balkone 2 – Scratching the Surface 
Two balconies, two artists, two friends, one home
From East Germany,Andrea Pichl 
From the South, Greece, Christina Dimitriadis

Using fabrics and materials from their childhoods that recall memories of the places and traditions where they grew up (East Berlin and Thessaloniki) Christina Dimitriadis and Andrea Pichl create installations that explore the symbolism and narratives found in the everyday domestic chore of hanging laundry, thereby each telling their own story from their respective balconies.
The home , where the Symbioses project takes place, is a building in the center of East Berlin, a classical 1901 flat, a so-called Altbau (prewar building). Its architecture and design is in constant transformation depending on the trends and needs that each historical, political, and social period that the past century brought to the city. It is a space where history has left its imprints. A place where past and present coexist.

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