„ausschließlich oder“

at Krome Gallery Berlin, 2012

„zwischen“, Sperrholz/ plywood 220 x 150 x 180 cm

„weg“, Digitaldrucke kaschiert auf Rigipsplatten, 3-teilig with digital prints coated sheetrocks, 3 parts,Je/ each 200 x 60 cm

„wieder“,tapezierte Spanplatte / wallpapered plywood,200 x 120 x 220 cm

The title of the group of  sculptures: “zwischen” refers to the peculiar capsule of void, coming into being as a neither foreseen nor wanted space in-between when a right-angled prefab slab building is erected next to a less regular pre-war apartment house. The rustic plywood models visualise 3  of these gaps at a 1:10 scale of this spatial phenomenon of urban habitat, revealing the confluence of the standardised and the heterogenous.The sculpture “weg“ dealsthe recently demolished building of DDR Ministry of Housing. Plasterboards cladded with black and white detail shots of the edifice are arranged in an installation. The sculpture “wieder“ more than two meters high, is a reflection on the WBS 70, the meanwhile notorious DDR era prefab housing series for studio and one bedroom flats,composed as an architectural model at a 1:6 scale.  “Standardised construction models have had a grotesquely dysfunctional impact on the living space. Andrea Pichl focuses on isolated details of normative architecture as peculiarities inexplicable from the viewpoint of rationalism, and turns them into sculptural ensembles. Irregularities, which normally are not expected to be there, but are still present like the preposterous survival of some almost extinct habitat, are in term used as a basis for a new artistic system. The inherent paradoxes of such a methodology, which reduce the standardised and repetitive architectural components to absurdity, are also present in the title of her latest exhibition: ‘ausschließlich oder’.” (Ludwig Seyfarth)

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